Juan Carlos & Aracely

Working with:
Gold Mountain Coffee Growers
Farm: Unnamed
Location: Jinotega, Nicaragua
Altitude: 1450 meters

Farmer Juan Carlos lives in a picturesque village at the highest altitudes of Jinotega with his wife, Aracely and their baby daughter, Carla. Given the arable soil in the area, there are several coffee and vegetable farms in the village. Juan Carlos' father, José, passed away just after meeting their daughter and giving them more land on which to grow their coffee. They are paying homage to Jose’s memory by producing excellent micro-lots. Their farm is home to the distinctive sounds of howler monkeys that roam nearby, as well as tropical birds that live in the shade trees that shelter their coffee from the sun.

Guadalupe Herrera

Working with: Gold Mountain Coffee Growers
Finca Guadajey
Region: Jinotega, Nicaragua
Altitude: 1230 meters

Guadalupe's farm is called Guadajey, a combination of the names of her family members. Her farm has recently expanded and Guadalupe is in the process of improving her drying infrastructure by building more raised beds. She is also improving road access to the farm after her family's truck flipped over where the road was inclined sideways. When she is older, Guadalupe plans to leave the farm to her children, but she is still young and has many harvests ahead of her.