Lets Get Brewing

Published: April 4th, 2022

There are SO many ways to prepare coffee. SO many! You’ve got your classics, drip coffee, French Press, or mocha pot. You may have heard of these and maybe even tried them yourself. Now, with the rise of social media and the internet you have probably seen several others. Pour overs, Chemex, aeropress, coffee siphons, and the rise in popularity of at home espresso machines. Then, within these categories there are many different brands and styles of brewers.

We are going to try to make sense of some of these brew method over the next little while. Consider this the start of the series where we try to give you a good starting point for how to use each of these brewers, how to decide which is right for you, and how to get the best out of what you have.

At the very beginning we need to get some things straight.

There is no one best way to make coffee.

There are pros and cons to every brew method. The only real certainty is that if you want to make better coffee, you need to buy better coffee. Good preparation can't fix bad coffee, but bad prepartion can ruin good coffee.

So let’s talk types of brewing. Broadly speaking there are basically two types of brewing.

Percolation. Percolation is where constantly moving water passes through a bed of coffee. This would be drip coffee brewers, pour over coffee, Chemex, mocha pots, and siphons.

Immersion. Immersion brewing is when water is added directly to coffee grounds to “steep” and is filtered AFTER the brewing process is completed. This would include French press, aero press, and cold brew.

Espresso (We won’t talk much about this just yet) Its unique because of the introduction of pressure to the brewing method.

How do you choose? How do you decide which is best for you? Here are some questions to consider.

Do you like coffee, or do you like caffeine?

Do you drink coffee just as a morning pick me up or maybe its social, you drink it when you’re with family or friends? Do you seek out great coffee? Do you have criteria for coffee that aren’t just price? If you like caffeine and the social aspects of coffee then you are going to want something simple that you don’t have to think much about, but it gets the job done. A classic drip coffee maker or maybe a French press will be great options. If you really like coffee, if you enjoy tasting the differences in different roasts or regions then I have another question for you.

Do you like making coffee, or do you just like drinking coffee?

Coffee making can be super involved, or it can be very simple and you can get great coffee either way. If you really like the process of making coffee, a pour over, siphon, or aero press might be good options. If you just want great coffee but don’t want it to be quite as involved, French press, drip coffee, or maybe a Clever Dripper would be good options.

Let me be clear, there is NO RIGHT WAY! I will say this over and over throughout this series, the best coffee is the coffee you like. The goal of this is to help you get the best version of the coffee you enjoy most.

We are going to look at some specific brewers over the next weeks and go through best practices for each. There is no way that we will go through every variation of each, but there will be transferable things that you can take and run with. Which brewers are you hoping to see, or which is the most interesting to you?